Mighty Mound

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Are you looking for a tool to help your baseball player(s) go to the next level?

Do you want to feel good knowing you are investing in their future?

Are you looking to throw harder and more accurately?
The Mighty Mound is the answer.

The Mighty Mound is specially designed with a slight downward grade that guides pitchers to avoid the most common VELOCITY LEAK out there - static weight during the leg raise phase of the pitching motion.  The mound encourages pitchers to get moving, right away, towards home plate.

Build sound, repeatable mechanics that promote the driving of the lower bodyDevelop velocity with EASE of arm action!
  • It measures 24″ wide by 18″ depth and 3″ height. It is lightweight ~ 5lbs.
  • It is Super easy to transport from backyard to bullpen to indoor facility.
  • It is made from the highest quality materials.
  • Coated in polyeurethane rubber, stable outdoors and on many indoor surfaces.
"My son has used the mighty mound regularly in our backyard, and his pitching velocity and accuracy have both continually improved" Mike D, Baseball Parent

"After 3 months of using the Mighty Mound regularly we have seen our pitchers improve, they are using their legs better and their weight transfer is quicker and more efficient, velocity is UP" Joe, Pitching Coach

"Our teams ace uses the Mighty Mound, opposing team coaches comment on how great his mechanics are nearly every game we play, this kid throws gas!" Brian, Team Manager